The Forbidden Knowledge

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Before exploring this website, I must ask you to be open-minded, and try your best to accept something completely different from your current understandings of life, that is, your personal perspective, your existence in this world and what it is all about. Let go of everything that you have been taught about life and the world and try to open up to the possibility that there is much much more to life than the world or the universe that you might have imagined before. I'm asking you to open your mind to the fact that what may seem like a reality could actually be a shared delusion, and what may seem like a fantasy, could actually be the real thing! Even if it’s just for the short time you explore this site. Just let loose - Open up - Imagine - Wonder - Could this really be the truth? Clσsε yσυr eyεs ~ Tαke a dεερ вrεαth ~ Oρeη yσυr мiηd ~ Nσw sεε.

What is this all about?

What you're about to 'experience', is a noble quest for a deeper truth and greater meaning to life.
You're here to, finally, understand yourself enough to be able to understand others. What you're about to 'know' might seem shocking or confusing at first glance, but is definetly worth a seriously careful read. The more you open your mind the sooner you will 'awaken', that is, you debunk the real matrix. You may find yourself hungry for information, any information, related to finding your own path and pupose of life/existence. Patience! The more you read, the more you know, and the more you know, the more you open your mind to every and all possibilities as to why you are here, and why have you been given the opportunity to 'experience' this life. Once you have read, analised, understood, witnessed and applied this knowledge, as a result, you will taste the real sweetness of freedom, peace and happiness that you've been missing your entire past life, once experienced, you will never let it go from your life again. Depending on your self-control, you can start changing your lifestyle right from this moment; and of course just like me, you will feel the desire to share the truth with others. The purpose of this site is to address and answer the most important questions in you life. Who are we? Who made us? Where are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? and more answers and truths that have been hidden and obscured by the puppet master to confuse us and lead us astray.

Why are you revealing this?!

I'm revealing this information for 'one' purpose only, and that is to expose the truth. Humans are easily distracted from the real truth, which leaves them in a dangerous delusional life that can cause too much pain and suffering just because they believed whatever the corrupted world feeds them. In order to grasp this information, you'll need to see the bigger picture instead of the insignificant pixel. I do not recommend you explore this website if you rely on a rigid belief system to give your life a false sense of security and meaning. Once you start this quest, there will be no going back. You've been warned, the knowledge presented here is potentially life changing, but must be explored with an open mind. Unless you're willing to put everything you think you know temporarily on hold, and open up to the possibility that you may have been systematically deceived and lied to your entire life, this knowledge ain't for you.